Saskatchewan Dog Kennel
Prairie Dogs is a dog kennel in Southeast Saskatchewan near Redvers, Saskatchewan.  Redvers is located 19 km from the Manitoba border and 67 km from the United States border.
Prairie Dogs is one of the only kennels around with clients coming as far away as 3 hours. When choosing a dog kennel in Southeast Saskatchewan you should ensure that you can see the pens and facility when thinking about leaving your dog with a dog kennel.  The kennels should be clean and the dogs should have their own private pens.
According to expert dog trainer Tyson Hainsworth, dog kennels can be an excellent socialization tool in the hands of a knowledgeable kennel owner. The experience your dog gets to socialize with other dogs of similar play style in a kennel can be extremely good in teaching your dog proper socialization techniques.
Even if your dog is fearful or has some minor problems with other dogs a kennel can be a vacation and school for your dog where your dog learns to have fun around other dogs.